onsdag den 21. august 2013

The passing of a Year

Wow, okay, so apparently I completely forgot about the fact that I have a blog, but now, hopefully, I can get used to updating it loads more from now on - I guess I, like many other people out there, just have to get used to speaking up, even though I dont know if anyone is listening!

BUT as a short summary of what happened since the last update, here goes:

  • I got the job at the opera, and had the time of my life as the directors Assistant, the whole team was in general really fantastic, and it exceeded every experience prior to it, as far as professionalism and in rewards to how much I've learnt!
  • I am no longer involved with Quonga, mostly due to the fact that I do not think I have the time for it anymore
  • I am now one week from starting my second major at university, Business Economics, and the 4th semester, before summer, went really really well, and we had a production where I was head of lightsdesign as well as a performers.
  • Above mentioned got me a job as a lightsdesigner in two weeks from now, also at university
  • I am now part of a new cultural initiative, regarding Aarhus being elevtid as the cultural Capital  in 2017 - its called 2017 Agent, and that is, what I am now - we are meant to produce culture of all sorts, and make an example of cultural producers working together, to active things that can excite and endure the public.
  • This summer was my second time, being a leader for Danish pupils at a language school in England (Stamford Summer School)
All that aside, I have a busy privatelife as well, I'll keep you posted!

mandag den 29. oktober 2012

Moving fast

So, another quick follow up on stuff, as of right now; 

  • About the unpaid job as an assistant director - I got a call from the top-chief, who wants a meeting with me - so november 7th is a day of destiny!! - It's the head of the Opera in my city, and the production is "Tosca"... 
  • Currently in my hometown every weekend, attending a theater-education (TGK - of which I am a former student) - but now as the directors' assistent! (yes, plural, since there are two directors!) - it's unpaid, but nevertheless exciting and very new to me!
  • New season coming up with Quonga - the independent theatre network - but I might resign from it, if I get the assistant job, since I wont have much spare time, if any!
  • Every week now, I have rehearsals and readings/planning meetings with my friend whom I am putting up an absurd play with - we've now made an outline of things we have to figure out, and I am starting to see it all come together in the long run! - Should be fun
  • I watch loads of theater, and I am trying to make myself act as a critic, and soon enough I'll be reviewing every single one, on the other blog I have created ("The Squinter" ) - But haven't really got the time yet, to make timely and fulfilling reviews.. I'll get to it!!
  • Still working as a Stage Manager at Teater Katapult - not much have changed there though, other than the fact that I might have to spend less time here as well, we'll see
  • Still studying...

søndag den 30. september 2012

Back from Oblivion

So, after a massive amount of time, I've decided to just update the blog once in a while, when I feel like telling about whats going on carreer-wise.

So, here's the preliminary status of my carreer in the performing arts! - really just a follow up on stuff, but nevertheless, here it goes;

  • Applied for an unpaid job as an assistant director - waiting for the reply (might be untill december, fingers crossed)
  • New season coming up with Quonga - the independent theatre network
  • PLOSK now changed into Teater Personelle Mini (an anagram of our names, basically) - we are also making some changes around our first ever performance - we now have deadlines and a real plan! I'll keep you informed on the progress of that
  • Costumes are now ready for another project with my uni-friend R, and I'm quite excited about going into rehearsals and play with ideas - we don't really know precisely what the plan is with the play, other than the fact that we want to put it up - that's very artsy of us I suppose, driven by the need of performing... Anyway, I'll keep you in the loop on this as well
  • I watch loads of theater, and I am trying to make myself act as a critic, and soon enough I'll be reviewing every single one, on the other blog I have created ("The Squinter" - though that is currently in Danish) - I can be persuaded into writing the reviews in English, if that is of interest to any of you.
  • Still working as a Stage Manager at Teater Katapult - not much have changed there though
  • I had a blast on "Borgen" the tv-series, which will be airing in springtime, but have not been at the set since before the summerholiday, because of the commute and the costs of traintickets etc. It's expensive to be an unpaid extra!!
  • Still studying - now on my 3. semester, and it is a mixed experience (more on that another day, I might even do a "One day at uni - special"...!
Hmmm that might be it for now, but surely I will return, to update on all this, when there is something to tell!

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

mandag den 2. april 2012

Early in the Biz

Okay - so here's an update on the things I'm engaged in at the moment;

  • Fundraiser and Technician at Quonga, for QuongaFest, which will take place in a couple of weeks
  • Working at a Club as a wardrobe girl during weekend-nights
  • Technician for a group scheduled to perform at QuongaFest (Maybe I'll also go with them on a tour to Lithuania)
  • Attending classes 3 times a week at University
  • Having attended as an extra on a tv-series in CPH (which I hope to do more of in the near future)
  • Stage Manager at "Katapult"
  • Working on the PLOSK - project
  • On the student board for planning excursions
  • (Being a leader for the Danish pupils of the Stamford Summerschool in June)
  • Working a bit on a website for those interested in theatre - though it will be in Danish and centered around the Danish theatre-life
Those are the things currently filling my life, among friends and family. Besides this, I too, have to struggle with fiscal matters, since my economy is not the healthiest one - But hey, when your dream is one of many costs, what can you do? Oh yeah, and the whole work-out stuff... not happening at all at the moment either!

I will return to update this blog on a more regular basis, to make sure you don't miss out on anything too exciting!

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

fredag den 23. marts 2012

Making it Work

Okay, so I still kinda suck at updating my blog fairly often - though here I am, writing!

A few weeks ago, I was an extra for a day, at a major tv-series-set, for the first time. I had a very fun, intense day, and I think I've learned a lot of how a pro-production works. I got to work close to the star of the production, as well as other regulars, and my God, what professionalism! - I hope I wasn't in the way, and I'm sure I did what was expected of me.

At the end of the day, during late lunch, I even got to exchange a few words with the star, since we have a mutual friend who, on my part, asked of me to say hello on his behalf - which also gave me en excuse to address her in the first place. I also had the opportunity to say hi to the director of the episode during the lunch-break - After these little encounters, I descended quietly to the extras' lunch table again, I minded my own business. Afterwards I talked with the runner of the day, as well as the coordinator of extras - Both of them were very kind towards me.

Oh and by the way - The coordinator called me again earlier this week, asking if I could come again next week, for a two day period of shooting in Copenhagen (as an extra of course) - So being nice and respectful has proven to pay off!

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

fredag den 24. februar 2012

Back in Business

Okay - I have some great news!!

  • I got a call a few days ago, from the producers of a rather great TV-series, asking if I'd come and participate as an extra on the show, for an episode of it's 3rd season - It's gonna take me a train ride of a few hours, and cost me more than a few bucks, but I accepted and will (hopefully) be at the set, shooting, at the beginning of March!! 
  • I've begun hula hooping in the evenings, before bedtime, if I cannot seem to find anything else interesting to do, which I'm sure will improve my physical condition over time! I also managed to remember to do 5 push-ups every night for the past few days! Although I feel week, at least I'm doing something. Next step in my "program" is some ballet-exercises... But nice and easy now, nice and easy...
  • Today I started learning to play a song on the piano, and I can now play 1/4 of the full song - and it's not exactly the easiest one too!! So soon, I'll be having piano on my resume.
That will be all for now - but I have more great things in the making and planning for you all to hear about, later on :)

Go Forth and Be Awesome!

onsdag den 8. februar 2012


I have been hit by a virus, which messed up my plans for the past few days..

I haven't attended my lectures in CulturePolitics,
and I've missed a few meetings at Quonga! Not so great!
But, I was able to pull a sponsor-agreement for our project at Quonga this spring, which is on the good side.

Also, the commercial I wrote of in the update before this - got cancelled!!

BUT - on the bright side... I have found some beginners-ballet-exercises to practice at home, and I have had plenty of time to read my latest novel from Kathy Reichs "Mortal Remains"

This is quite a thin post - but at least I'm motivated to work harder from now on... for a while!

Go Forth And Be Awesome 

søndag den 5. februar 2012

Busy like a bee

It's harder than I first thought, being a blogger (or at least, post something on a regular basis) and for that, I am truly sorry! - It is said that it takes three weeks to implement a habit, I will do my very best!!

So, shall we take it from the top again, and fill you guys in on what's happened during those latest few months?

  • Still no push-ups!! -not so great, BUT on the bright side, I now have a bike again, so instead of taking the bus every day, I now have the opportunity of riding my bicycle a few miles per day, and thereby get some exercise!
  • The short film I was the lead in, which I wrote about in my former update is on youtube now, and will be participating in a local awardshow -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRGZv20gQRU&list=PL35CE8CEDF3122B3E&index=1&feature=plpp_video  it is called "Dilemma" and I had a week of filming. The crew was a bunch of very sweet young people, and they treated me like a star - though I must admit that I wasn't fully satisfied with my work, I have to find a way to improve my performance and to be happy with it afterwards!
  • I still read a lot - and have completed my first exams at the university!! - Though the books I have been reading, has primarily been books by Kathy Reichs (Fatal Voyage, Cross Bones, Death Du Jour, and now I've begun reading Mortal Remains) 
  • I still hold my job in downtown, which is awesome - working on weekends is not at all a bad thing, after all, the only thing I'm missing out on is sleep, and who needs that?
  • The performing Duo (TeaterDuo PLOSK) as of my latest update, is still going, and we have a facebook-page, where our future audience can follow our rehearsals and see when we publish our tour-dates (because we will be going on tour) - a manager from a well known theater in Odense, contacted us about our upcoming play! -  https://www.facebook.com/pages/TeaterDuo-PLOSK/133031506804746
  • I'm still a part of  http://quonga.dk/  the independent theater network - where I do fundraising and are holding still more and more responsibilities - I have even been sent out as a representative at the opening of a new theater here in Aarhus, and that went quite well - me and my friend ST enjoyed the entertainment and small talked with the other guests.
  • Some time ago, a girl called me about a part in a play that is due to be performed at a big festival in Quonga-regime in spring - The crew behind the play had thought of me for the part, since most of them also attend my major at the university (dramaturgy) - I turned it down, since I had other obligations to attend to during the festival
  • Last Friday, I received an e-mail stating that I got a paid commercial-job ( as a stressed businesswoman, wanting a quiet atmosphere ) All I ever really did was sending my headshot and a photo of me wearing a pencilskirt! It will be filmed during the next two Fridays.
So right now, things are happening, and happening fast!! - I'm also trying to tweet again, but we'll see how long it's gonna last this time around! haha

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

fredag den 18. november 2011


Okay - Short update, since so much have happened since I first showed up at Uni!

  • I seem to have completely forgotten my push-ups! not so good, I should remember them tonight!
  • Last week I was on-set most of the time, filming a short film, where I was the lead-role - The producers found me through one of my online-agencies, and told me it was primarily because of my photo, that they'd chosen to contact me!! - The film will eventually be on youtube, and I'll try to upload a link, so you, my dear readers, can take a look at it! :)
  • I read a lot, and by a lot I mean LOADS of texts about theatre, since I have history-of-the-theatre-classes and how-to-analyze-dramatic-works-classes (the names of the classes are a lot shorter in Danish!)
  • Last sunday, I was a coordination assistant at a major audition event for professional actors, at a theatre in Aarhus, "Svalegangen" - and I spent the whole day running up and down staircases, with and without actors behind me - I got to network a bit with all the Directors between audition-sets, since we all had access to the same buffet backstage! Way cool.
  • I now have a job, as a wardrobe-girl in downtown Aarhus - so I work during the weekend-nights now! But fortunately, that keeps me from spending money on going out and toxicating my body!
  • I am now part of a performing Duo - a friend from my class and I, decided to set up a play about different kinds of thoughts (subjects are: abortion, compulsive thinking, rape and terminal illness) - we are well on our way and I hope it will be and awesome outcome!!
  • I am also now part of an independent theatre network in Aarhus, called Quonga, where my primary function, is fundraising for projects - most of my class from university are also part of Quonga ( http://quonga.dk/ )
  • And I am now enrolled at the best/finest/most expensive boarding-ish-school of Theatre and performing arts - I begin in 2014...! (in Danish: Rødkilde Teater Højskole)
If I have forgotten anything, I will make sure to include it in my next update - which should be within the next week! :) I MUST become just a tad better at updating this little blog of mine... sigh..

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

onsdag den 5. oktober 2011

First Week @ University

The first morning I walked into the faculty area for aesthetics at Aarhus University - I was greeted by two lovely young people sitting on a hay bale, saying "goodmorning" and waving at me, with the biggest smile on their faces, both were dressed in oldschool danish farm-outfits - just like out of a classic movie from the beginning of living colours in danish television. So quite a good start to the day I must say!

When I walked into the foyer of the "Kaserne" (danish for a military barrack, as which the theater building former served) - the theme of the week was obvious, and all kept in the countryside-like palette - the tutors dressed to the theme of course, and little vitamin-pills on each plate to eat with the breakfast being served - We had a tough week ahead it seemed!

All in all, a most wonderful start - The tutors had planned many things, workshops, singing, performing, dancing, competing, drinking, partying, getting information, relaxing, eating, playing - just a whole lot of splendid things, that brought the group together, and it all ended with a freshman-production where we had to both do scenography, scripting, directing, light-setting etc. by ourselves - with the helping hand of our lovely tutors!

So the first week at "Dramaturgi" really brought me that sense of life that I've been searching for, for a while before - I feel like this is the place I need to be at this point in time, to be happy, and to evolve and explore and all sorts of good things!!

- And I was on the team that was in charge of lights for the performance, so now I can write a whole new skill on my resume - as a light-technician!! (i dont even know what the formal title is in english, but i know how to work the lamps!) - I even signed up to the Lights-team on the annual Performance for the entire Aesthetics Faculty!!! which is going to be SWAG!

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

søndag den 25. september 2011

Dancing Norway

Okay - so I was in Norway for about a month ago ( even a little more to be exact but who's counting?)
A whole week filled with three forms of ballet, charleston, street funk and ugly dancing (lastmentioned only practised during the night...) - It was SOOOO hard and really exciting at once.

All the other dancers on the team, where ofcourse balletdancers, and most of them were on a school that had only dancelessons on the schedule.. FML I was so bad at first, and had a hard time keeping up with all the talent - but I was there to learn to dance ballet, and boy was I working hard and determined not to give up - 6-7 hours of ballet a day, is not exactly easy and relaxing - although I quickly fell a sleep each night, thank god.

The danceroutines was so much fun to do, and I've been trying to remember them since, to be able to practise by myself, now that i've returned to my own city.

Being a free course, this was SO worth the ride and the 100 $ total I spent during my time in wonderful Norway, on a school not far from Oslo, with 20 or so young people, all very sweet and fun to work with.

Besides dancing, I also had time to visit Oslo on my secondlast day in Norway, before my flight home on the following morning - my newfound friend and roommate on the course, MK, was kind enough to show me around in all of Oslo, and I think what I saw and experienced was worth a whole week of not seing anything but a dancefloor! - I found it very special to be in Oslo, only few days after the big event, and was very touched by the sites.

For my next update - hopefully tomorrow - I'll tell all about my first week at University, studying drama and aesthetics!!! It'll be awesome, just wait and see ;)

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

lørdag den 6. august 2011

Quite the Cirkus

The past week I have actually been a bit busy for the first time in a few months, at least when it comes to being concerned about my career as an actress!

I went to the Cirkus last Thursday with my younger sister LLO - since I had promised her that we'd go out and have fun while she stayed with me for a few days, and since my good friend and mentor SHF was part of the Cirkus-show, as an actor - we had both tickets and were allowed backstage! The Cirkus was put on by one of the major Tv channels in Denmark, and all the hosts of childrens programmes pretty much had they're own sketch and character in the performance, and all the kids seemed to love it - including my sister and myself!

And SHF did a really good job, playing "Mad Mrs. Mom" which I guess was the personification of "another boring/mad grown-up" and all the kids were kind of scared of the character - Wonderful to watch and splendid to see him again.

Other than that, a week later - the first Thursday of August, I had a photoshoot planned with Paw Friis of http://pawfriis.blogspot.com/2011/08/pernille-lund.html - the link will direct you straight to the photos of me - It was a very fun shoot, and I find that I like the pictures a lot, after receiving them.

New photos are important since I haven't had any portraits/stills since I got my hair cut!!! - Waaaaay overdue, but now it's finally done, and i have uploaded a few already, on my audition-profiles on various websites! yay!

New Stills - check!

And tomorrow, I am off to Norway for a whole week of dance-classes!!! Norway, here I come :)

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

onsdag den 27. juli 2011

Oh the Reading

The past 10 days, have been mostly familyrelated, since I was taking a small break from my everydaylife, at my uncle's, along with my grandparents and cousins - a kind of relaxing holiday, which was exactly what I needed, just to get away from responsibilities and worries for a few days!

It also gave me time to read my book from the library, on analysis of plays, no matter the genre - it's a very theoretically heavy book so I'm not even halfway through it yet - but, but, but, it is important for me to be sure of understanding and remembering what I've read, so I'd rather take some extra time reading it the 1st time.

Other than reading and relaxing, I was at a project-meeting last monday, with the producer of the project I recently joined - She is now launching a new project, with elderly people telling their stories, and I promised to help out, finding those people - since I have no job yet, and have been away for a couple days, it haven't been a priority until today - but it still has to come in third, after:

1: taking care of my apartment
2: finding a job

But I will make sure that my effort in this project, wont go unnoticed and that I put a lot more energy in this, than I did in the last one - (I got a job just days after the project started and therefore I was unable to participate as much as I had hoped)

But, I am back, and I feel stronger than ever! (or, stronger than I've felt in a while anyway!)
oh and I'm still at 10 push-ups in a row!

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

søndag den 17. juli 2011

Stay Awake and Aware

So the past few days have been nothing but rain down the drain - except for yesterday that had a few sunny hours. Therefore, I haven't been out running since sunday a week ago! - oh well, not that I loose anything on that account yet, I still have time to catch up with myself, and God knows it shouldn't be difficult to beat my own record! 

But, my dear friends, all this time indoor, have made me practise my pushups!!
So how many pushups can I take in a row as of today?

10 in a row! Yeah!!

If that doesn't spell progress, I don't know what does!

I've also picked up the plays I ordered from the library a few days ago, and started reading them, I am now going trough the second of 5 books - I am both expanding my knowledge of Danish plays and looking for possible monologues/dialogues to perform for my next big audition at the Academies!

Oh, and I have begun trying to juggle! You know, with three little colourful balls - it's a little difficult at first, and it takes time, but thank God for Youtube-run-throughs!!

So, a week with a lot of rain and a little progress - not bad, not bad.... but it will have to become even more intense if I want to make something of myself before I run out of possibilities.

Go Forth And Be Awesome

onsdag den 13. juli 2011

Waking Up Still

So Yesterday wasn't really a stressful day, though I managed to get a few things done:

I went to the local library to get hold of some manuscripts by different danish authors, to improve my knowledge of existing plays and authors - since I believe it would be a good idea to expand ones knowledge of the existing material, to be aware of what's already out there and who wrote what etc.

There will always be a reference to a play I haven't heard of, while conversing with more experienced and professional colleagues!!

Besides going to thee library, I have begun reading in my Stanislavskij book again (The Actors Work With One's self) - 4 to 5 pages at once, since it is not exactly light reading, and I want to make sure I understand every single bit of it before proceeding to the next page. I will finish it before starting studies at University - yes, I am to study drama - which I hope will help me improve my theoretical knowledge of the business.

Apart from reading and going to the dusty library - I went outside to play Volleyball for a few hours, with some of thee boys that live "on campus" as well - it's not really on campus, it's a series of dormbuildings, but "campus" is just easier and quicker.

Hopefully that counts for todays exercise!! Oh yeah, and the push-ups?
Still 5 in a row...

Today, my plan is to apply for more jobs, since I'm currently unemployed - and with a household to take care of now, it seems to be important - other than that, reading will be my main priority, when it comes to the acting.

Go Forth And Be Awesome