onsdag den 27. juli 2011

Oh the Reading

The past 10 days, have been mostly familyrelated, since I was taking a small break from my everydaylife, at my uncle's, along with my grandparents and cousins - a kind of relaxing holiday, which was exactly what I needed, just to get away from responsibilities and worries for a few days!

It also gave me time to read my book from the library, on analysis of plays, no matter the genre - it's a very theoretically heavy book so I'm not even halfway through it yet - but, but, but, it is important for me to be sure of understanding and remembering what I've read, so I'd rather take some extra time reading it the 1st time.

Other than reading and relaxing, I was at a project-meeting last monday, with the producer of the project I recently joined - She is now launching a new project, with elderly people telling their stories, and I promised to help out, finding those people - since I have no job yet, and have been away for a couple days, it haven't been a priority until today - but it still has to come in third, after:

1: taking care of my apartment
2: finding a job

But I will make sure that my effort in this project, wont go unnoticed and that I put a lot more energy in this, than I did in the last one - (I got a job just days after the project started and therefore I was unable to participate as much as I had hoped)

But, I am back, and I feel stronger than ever! (or, stronger than I've felt in a while anyway!)
oh and I'm still at 10 push-ups in a row!

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

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