søndag den 17. juli 2011

Stay Awake and Aware

So the past few days have been nothing but rain down the drain - except for yesterday that had a few sunny hours. Therefore, I haven't been out running since sunday a week ago! - oh well, not that I loose anything on that account yet, I still have time to catch up with myself, and God knows it shouldn't be difficult to beat my own record! 

But, my dear friends, all this time indoor, have made me practise my pushups!!
So how many pushups can I take in a row as of today?

10 in a row! Yeah!!

If that doesn't spell progress, I don't know what does!

I've also picked up the plays I ordered from the library a few days ago, and started reading them, I am now going trough the second of 5 books - I am both expanding my knowledge of Danish plays and looking for possible monologues/dialogues to perform for my next big audition at the Academies!

Oh, and I have begun trying to juggle! You know, with three little colourful balls - it's a little difficult at first, and it takes time, but thank God for Youtube-run-throughs!!

So, a week with a lot of rain and a little progress - not bad, not bad.... but it will have to become even more intense if I want to make something of myself before I run out of possibilities.

Go Forth And Be Awesome

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