onsdag den 13. juli 2011

Waking Up Still

So Yesterday wasn't really a stressful day, though I managed to get a few things done:

I went to the local library to get hold of some manuscripts by different danish authors, to improve my knowledge of existing plays and authors - since I believe it would be a good idea to expand ones knowledge of the existing material, to be aware of what's already out there and who wrote what etc.

There will always be a reference to a play I haven't heard of, while conversing with more experienced and professional colleagues!!

Besides going to thee library, I have begun reading in my Stanislavskij book again (The Actors Work With One's self) - 4 to 5 pages at once, since it is not exactly light reading, and I want to make sure I understand every single bit of it before proceeding to the next page. I will finish it before starting studies at University - yes, I am to study drama - which I hope will help me improve my theoretical knowledge of the business.

Apart from reading and going to the dusty library - I went outside to play Volleyball for a few hours, with some of thee boys that live "on campus" as well - it's not really on campus, it's a series of dormbuildings, but "campus" is just easier and quicker.

Hopefully that counts for todays exercise!! Oh yeah, and the push-ups?
Still 5 in a row...

Today, my plan is to apply for more jobs, since I'm currently unemployed - and with a household to take care of now, it seems to be important - other than that, reading will be my main priority, when it comes to the acting.

Go Forth And Be Awesome

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