lørdag den 6. august 2011

Quite the Cirkus

The past week I have actually been a bit busy for the first time in a few months, at least when it comes to being concerned about my career as an actress!

I went to the Cirkus last Thursday with my younger sister LLO - since I had promised her that we'd go out and have fun while she stayed with me for a few days, and since my good friend and mentor SHF was part of the Cirkus-show, as an actor - we had both tickets and were allowed backstage! The Cirkus was put on by one of the major Tv channels in Denmark, and all the hosts of childrens programmes pretty much had they're own sketch and character in the performance, and all the kids seemed to love it - including my sister and myself!

And SHF did a really good job, playing "Mad Mrs. Mom" which I guess was the personification of "another boring/mad grown-up" and all the kids were kind of scared of the character - Wonderful to watch and splendid to see him again.

Other than that, a week later - the first Thursday of August, I had a photoshoot planned with Paw Friis of http://pawfriis.blogspot.com/2011/08/pernille-lund.html - the link will direct you straight to the photos of me - It was a very fun shoot, and I find that I like the pictures a lot, after receiving them.

New photos are important since I haven't had any portraits/stills since I got my hair cut!!! - Waaaaay overdue, but now it's finally done, and i have uploaded a few already, on my audition-profiles on various websites! yay!

New Stills - check!

And tomorrow, I am off to Norway for a whole week of dance-classes!!! Norway, here I come :)

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

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