søndag den 25. september 2011

Dancing Norway

Okay - so I was in Norway for about a month ago ( even a little more to be exact but who's counting?)
A whole week filled with three forms of ballet, charleston, street funk and ugly dancing (lastmentioned only practised during the night...) - It was SOOOO hard and really exciting at once.

All the other dancers on the team, where ofcourse balletdancers, and most of them were on a school that had only dancelessons on the schedule.. FML I was so bad at first, and had a hard time keeping up with all the talent - but I was there to learn to dance ballet, and boy was I working hard and determined not to give up - 6-7 hours of ballet a day, is not exactly easy and relaxing - although I quickly fell a sleep each night, thank god.

The danceroutines was so much fun to do, and I've been trying to remember them since, to be able to practise by myself, now that i've returned to my own city.

Being a free course, this was SO worth the ride and the 100 $ total I spent during my time in wonderful Norway, on a school not far from Oslo, with 20 or so young people, all very sweet and fun to work with.

Besides dancing, I also had time to visit Oslo on my secondlast day in Norway, before my flight home on the following morning - my newfound friend and roommate on the course, MK, was kind enough to show me around in all of Oslo, and I think what I saw and experienced was worth a whole week of not seing anything but a dancefloor! - I found it very special to be in Oslo, only few days after the big event, and was very touched by the sites.

For my next update - hopefully tomorrow - I'll tell all about my first week at University, studying drama and aesthetics!!! It'll be awesome, just wait and see ;)

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

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