onsdag den 5. oktober 2011

First Week @ University

The first morning I walked into the faculty area for aesthetics at Aarhus University - I was greeted by two lovely young people sitting on a hay bale, saying "goodmorning" and waving at me, with the biggest smile on their faces, both were dressed in oldschool danish farm-outfits - just like out of a classic movie from the beginning of living colours in danish television. So quite a good start to the day I must say!

When I walked into the foyer of the "Kaserne" (danish for a military barrack, as which the theater building former served) - the theme of the week was obvious, and all kept in the countryside-like palette - the tutors dressed to the theme of course, and little vitamin-pills on each plate to eat with the breakfast being served - We had a tough week ahead it seemed!

All in all, a most wonderful start - The tutors had planned many things, workshops, singing, performing, dancing, competing, drinking, partying, getting information, relaxing, eating, playing - just a whole lot of splendid things, that brought the group together, and it all ended with a freshman-production where we had to both do scenography, scripting, directing, light-setting etc. by ourselves - with the helping hand of our lovely tutors!

So the first week at "Dramaturgi" really brought me that sense of life that I've been searching for, for a while before - I feel like this is the place I need to be at this point in time, to be happy, and to evolve and explore and all sorts of good things!!

- And I was on the team that was in charge of lights for the performance, so now I can write a whole new skill on my resume - as a light-technician!! (i dont even know what the formal title is in english, but i know how to work the lamps!) - I even signed up to the Lights-team on the annual Performance for the entire Aesthetics Faculty!!! which is going to be SWAG!

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

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