fredag den 18. november 2011


Okay - Short update, since so much have happened since I first showed up at Uni!

  • I seem to have completely forgotten my push-ups! not so good, I should remember them tonight!
  • Last week I was on-set most of the time, filming a short film, where I was the lead-role - The producers found me through one of my online-agencies, and told me it was primarily because of my photo, that they'd chosen to contact me!! - The film will eventually be on youtube, and I'll try to upload a link, so you, my dear readers, can take a look at it! :)
  • I read a lot, and by a lot I mean LOADS of texts about theatre, since I have history-of-the-theatre-classes and how-to-analyze-dramatic-works-classes (the names of the classes are a lot shorter in Danish!)
  • Last sunday, I was a coordination assistant at a major audition event for professional actors, at a theatre in Aarhus, "Svalegangen" - and I spent the whole day running up and down staircases, with and without actors behind me - I got to network a bit with all the Directors between audition-sets, since we all had access to the same buffet backstage! Way cool.
  • I now have a job, as a wardrobe-girl in downtown Aarhus - so I work during the weekend-nights now! But fortunately, that keeps me from spending money on going out and toxicating my body!
  • I am now part of a performing Duo - a friend from my class and I, decided to set up a play about different kinds of thoughts (subjects are: abortion, compulsive thinking, rape and terminal illness) - we are well on our way and I hope it will be and awesome outcome!!
  • I am also now part of an independent theatre network in Aarhus, called Quonga, where my primary function, is fundraising for projects - most of my class from university are also part of Quonga ( )
  • And I am now enrolled at the best/finest/most expensive boarding-ish-school of Theatre and performing arts - I begin in 2014...! (in Danish: Rødkilde Teater Højskole)
If I have forgotten anything, I will make sure to include it in my next update - which should be within the next week! :) I MUST become just a tad better at updating this little blog of mine... sigh..

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

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