fredag den 24. februar 2012

Back in Business

Okay - I have some great news!!

  • I got a call a few days ago, from the producers of a rather great TV-series, asking if I'd come and participate as an extra on the show, for an episode of it's 3rd season - It's gonna take me a train ride of a few hours, and cost me more than a few bucks, but I accepted and will (hopefully) be at the set, shooting, at the beginning of March!! 
  • I've begun hula hooping in the evenings, before bedtime, if I cannot seem to find anything else interesting to do, which I'm sure will improve my physical condition over time! I also managed to remember to do 5 push-ups every night for the past few days! Although I feel week, at least I'm doing something. Next step in my "program" is some ballet-exercises... But nice and easy now, nice and easy...
  • Today I started learning to play a song on the piano, and I can now play 1/4 of the full song - and it's not exactly the easiest one too!! So soon, I'll be having piano on my resume.
That will be all for now - but I have more great things in the making and planning for you all to hear about, later on :)

Go Forth and Be Awesome!

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