søndag den 30. september 2012

Back from Oblivion

So, after a massive amount of time, I've decided to just update the blog once in a while, when I feel like telling about whats going on carreer-wise.

So, here's the preliminary status of my carreer in the performing arts! - really just a follow up on stuff, but nevertheless, here it goes;

  • Applied for an unpaid job as an assistant director - waiting for the reply (might be untill december, fingers crossed)
  • New season coming up with Quonga - the independent theatre network
  • PLOSK now changed into Teater Personelle Mini (an anagram of our names, basically) - we are also making some changes around our first ever performance - we now have deadlines and a real plan! I'll keep you informed on the progress of that
  • Costumes are now ready for another project with my uni-friend R, and I'm quite excited about going into rehearsals and play with ideas - we don't really know precisely what the plan is with the play, other than the fact that we want to put it up - that's very artsy of us I suppose, driven by the need of performing... Anyway, I'll keep you in the loop on this as well
  • I watch loads of theater, and I am trying to make myself act as a critic, and soon enough I'll be reviewing every single one, on the other blog I have created ("The Squinter" - though that is currently in Danish) - I can be persuaded into writing the reviews in English, if that is of interest to any of you.
  • Still working as a Stage Manager at Teater Katapult - not much have changed there though
  • I had a blast on "Borgen" the tv-series, which will be airing in springtime, but have not been at the set since before the summerholiday, because of the commute and the costs of traintickets etc. It's expensive to be an unpaid extra!!
  • Still studying - now on my 3. semester, and it is a mixed experience (more on that another day, I might even do a "One day at uni - special"...!
Hmmm that might be it for now, but surely I will return, to update on all this, when there is something to tell!

Go Forth And Be Awesome!

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