mandag den 29. oktober 2012

Moving fast

So, another quick follow up on stuff, as of right now; 

  • About the unpaid job as an assistant director - I got a call from the top-chief, who wants a meeting with me - so november 7th is a day of destiny!! - It's the head of the Opera in my city, and the production is "Tosca"... 
  • Currently in my hometown every weekend, attending a theater-education (TGK - of which I am a former student) - but now as the directors' assistent! (yes, plural, since there are two directors!) - it's unpaid, but nevertheless exciting and very new to me!
  • New season coming up with Quonga - the independent theatre network - but I might resign from it, if I get the assistant job, since I wont have much spare time, if any!
  • Every week now, I have rehearsals and readings/planning meetings with my friend whom I am putting up an absurd play with - we've now made an outline of things we have to figure out, and I am starting to see it all come together in the long run! - Should be fun
  • I watch loads of theater, and I am trying to make myself act as a critic, and soon enough I'll be reviewing every single one, on the other blog I have created ("The Squinter" ) - But haven't really got the time yet, to make timely and fulfilling reviews.. I'll get to it!!
  • Still working as a Stage Manager at Teater Katapult - not much have changed there though, other than the fact that I might have to spend less time here as well, we'll see
  • Still studying...

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