onsdag den 21. august 2013

The passing of a Year

Wow, okay, so apparently I completely forgot about the fact that I have a blog, but now, hopefully, I can get used to updating it loads more from now on - I guess I, like many other people out there, just have to get used to speaking up, even though I dont know if anyone is listening!

BUT as a short summary of what happened since the last update, here goes:

  • I got the job at the opera, and had the time of my life as the directors Assistant, the whole team was in general really fantastic, and it exceeded every experience prior to it, as far as professionalism and in rewards to how much I've learnt!
  • I am no longer involved with Quonga, mostly due to the fact that I do not think I have the time for it anymore
  • I am now one week from starting my second major at university, Business Economics, and the 4th semester, before summer, went really really well, and we had a production where I was head of lightsdesign as well as a performers.
  • Above mentioned got me a job as a lightsdesigner in two weeks from now, also at university
  • I am now part of a new cultural initiative, regarding Aarhus being elevtid as the cultural Capital  in 2017 - its called 2017 Agent, and that is, what I am now - we are meant to produce culture of all sorts, and make an example of cultural producers working together, to active things that can excite and endure the public.
  • This summer was my second time, being a leader for Danish pupils at a language school in England (Stamford Summer School)
All that aside, I have a busy privatelife as well, I'll keep you posted!

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